Why Renting A Furnished Residential Property Is a Bad Idea

Why Renting A Furnished Residential Property Is a Bad Idea

Tenants often want furnished apartments, so that they don’t have to move their furniture in and out of residences that they do not own. Other tenants prefer to have empty residences that will give them a clean slate to make their homes the way that they want them, with furnishings that suit their particular tastes and styles. Landlords are often in a tough position because tenants all want different things. The reasons why landlords should never rent a furnished property are as follows:

1. Decor.

Most tenants want to decorate their homes with the existing décor items that they already possess. If you have mismatched furniture in the room, then they may not be able to make the home as comfortable as they would like to have it. If you are set on having your rental units furnished, then it is much better to use neutral furniture that has cream, gray, or other colors of fabric that will go well together with any type of décor theme.

2. Cleanliness.

As hard as your property manager will try to get great tenants, there is no guarantee that tenants will actually take care of your property and furnishings. Once furniture is stained or torn, it is very difficult to repair without spending a lot of money. Unless you want to constantly buy new furniture, then it is better to just not rent furnished property at all. Good tenants will not want a bunch of junk furniture from past tenants in their home.

3. Tenant’s That Don’t Want Furnishings.

If a prospective tenant already has their own furniture, then they won’t want your furnished rental unit, even though they might actually like the premises. This creates a real problem. You don’t want to lose the opportunity to have a good tenant just because they don’t like your furniture. If you decide to accept them by agreeing to remove the furniture, then you have to worry about storing it. This scenario isn’t very productive, and it can cost a lot of money.

While younger renters may want furnished apartments, the fact of the matter is that most people want to use their own things. Most landlords find that keeping furnishings maintained is quite expensive, so they typically don’t bother with renting furnished homes. If you really want to see a return on your real estate investments, then furnished rental property is not the way to go.

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